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Natural Waterfall

Water Features

Here in sunny Portugal, most people’s ‘water feature’ if they can afford it is a swimming pool. Although many of our clients are asking us to design gardens with a view to reducing water costs, but still retain a lush, tropical vibrancy. Surprisingly, well designed water features can help to reduce those costs and allow you to use more water loving plants.

We can create your own ecological pool where you can grow water plants, providing a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife - and still have the option to swim in it yourself.

Water features bring a calming, relaxed atmosphere to your garden. The sound of a cascading waterfall, a babbling brook or stream is soothing to the soul, de-stressing you and bringing a healthy chi to your outdoor space. And as its also promoting wildlife in the form of birds and bees, this will do a tremendous job in pollinating your plants and trees.

Pools, lakes, ponds or a trickling water feature go a long way to accentuating your garden, encouraging you to spend more time in your own paradise.

It’s always best to locate your pond in an area that doesn’t have the full heat of the Algarve summer sun all day long, so a large evergreen tree or a pepper tree to create shade in the afternoon will not only look good, but help reduce the algae levels too. No pond will be entirely free from algae but there are things you can do to keep it at a minimum with a good balance of pH, temperature and water control. Apart from restricting sunlight and heat, especially in the hot summer here in Portugal, we are blessed with a whole range of plants that will provide protection, colour and oxygenation for your pond.

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