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Algarve Lawns

Lawns are becoming quite a luxury in Portugal due to the increase in water bills we have experienced here over the last decade. Boreholes will lessen the cost if you are looking for a large, lush lawn within your Mediterranean garden, although there are a selection of turfs and seeds that can cater for a more drought and pest resistant green area.

We can offer a range of grasses to suit your needs, from a bowling green finish, to a dog and family friendly, more robust mixture. And for those that want complete maintenance free lawns, we offer and install synthetic grasses that look just like the real thing.

Fortunately, new technology and a competitive market has created synthetic grasses that really do look like the real thing. Yes, the initial outlay may seem more expensive than the real thing, but when you consider that there simply are no on going maintenance or water costs - it’s an option well worth considering. It is easy to install and never again will you have to replace a broken sprinkler, add fertilizer, chemical treatments, get the strimmer or mower out. Just don’t be tempted to choose the cheaper options that have hit the market as they have minimal guarantees and quite simply, look pretty awful.

Green areas are essential in your garden and to help you we are able to advise on the ongoing water and maintenance costs spread over a year, so you will be able to compare and evaluate the long term benefits.

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