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Gravel Gardens on the Algarve

Due to the ongoing climate changes, and declines in water reserves here on the Algarve bringing higher water bills, we as landscape contractors have to adapt to environmental conditions. 

Back in 2000, we started to offer clients alternative landscaping ideas to the previously required large areas of lawn by introducing low maintenance gravel gardens on the Algarve with a range of styles and contrasts to keep both maintenance and water costs down. 

Once the existing soil has been upgraded with humus, rotted manure and slow release fertilizer, we lay coils of irrigation tubing with small drip feeds attached. Following this we plant a selection of lush foliage and colourful shrubs then lay the area with a porous yet weed suppressing membrane. This can then be dressed with a range of coloured pea gravel with ornamental rocks or graded pine bark with terracotta pots or cork cuttings. The design choices here are endless.

Check out our Algarve garden portfolio section for some of our original designs.

We can fit any type of design within your existing garden or start from scratch. The long term effect is both rewarding in your pocket and aesthetically pleasing.

We can also create and advise on water features, natural rock retainers, pathways, terracotta pot styles and trellising within the features.

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