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Irrigation Systems for Mediterranean Gardens

It is essential throughout the Algarve that each garden needs an adequate irrigation system. With longer, hotter summers and drying northerly winds, it is imperative to keep the garden healthy throughout the year. These money - and water -saving systems need to be properly installed using recognised parts such as Hunter, Rainbird and Nelson with fittings from Plimat or Unidelta.

We can install a variety of systems from a simple battery operated single valve system up to multi-zoned state-of-the-art computers to service large multi-aspected gardens. These systems in turn can operate lawn pop-up sprinklers as well as regulated drip feeds and shrubblers. We can add a Dosatron fertigation unit to this system which will take care of all your future fertilization and treatment requirements.

We pay considerable attention to the irrigation design to keep your water costs at a minimum, focusing on evaporation loss, individual plant requirements, and drainage plus include rain sensors to minimise water wastage.

All other aspects linked with irrigation such as water analysis, borehole advice, pumps, soakaways and cisternas can be expertly advised on.

If you would like a detailed report on your existing irrigation system, contact us now.

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