Mediterranean Gardens

The predominant theme for garden design in this part of the world is, of course, the Mediterranean style garden.

We are blessed with the wonderful Portuguese climate - no real extremes in temperatures, and virtual year round sunshine. Perfect conditions for the Mediterranean plants and fauna, making our job so much more enjoyable as we are blessed with such a vast array of attractive plants and shrubs to choose from.

Whether it's a Provence style with swathes of lavenders you are looking for; a Moorish theme with terracotta pots and backdrops of pink or red bougainvilleas; a sophisticated Italian Renaissance design with columnar cypress trees and neat gravelled borders; or even an eclectic mix with a rage of colours to brighten up your days from January through to December, we can design a garden to make you smile.

We will create your perfect garden literally from the ground up - beginning with thorough soil preparation, state-of-the-art irrigation systems and meticulous planning and strategic placement of plants to create the optimum growing conditions, in just a short time, your garden will be ready for you to sit, relax and enjoy.

Let us reinvent your outdoor space and make your dream garden a reality.