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Stone Walls, Calçada Driveways and Paths

A lot of people don’t realize that a minimal mortar ‘dry’ stone wall is considerably cheaper than its’ conventional brick and pillar counterpart. Not only will it easily outlast the latter, it's virtually maintenance free as well as fire, water and insect resistant and if built properly, it can also withstand earthquakes. Its construction does not deplete any natural resources, is environmentally friendly and aesthetically compliments your garden. 

Mortared walls degrade over time as rain and fluctuations in temperature serve to crack and push apart the seams. A well built stone wall drains naturally without damage. Significantly, concrete footings are not needed which also saves in additional labour and material costs.

Stone 'Calçada' is the most commonly used medium for access areas and parking here on the Algarve, as it's strong, hard-wearing and fits perfectly with the Mediterranean setting.

A range of colours can be used and all of your drainage issues and gradients can be taken care of within the design.


The perfect finish can be given to lawn edgings, cut-outs and roundabouts with calçada stones.

Access through to your new garden is essential to carry out pruning, pick fruit from your orchard - or just to meander and take in the gorgeous new smells and sights. Ornamental stepping stones, granite pavers or flagstones are just some of the eye-catching materials we can use. 


These can be set in a variety of mulches such as gravel or pine bark so that movement around your Mediterranean garden can be clean, easy and attractive.

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