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Gardening for the Algarve


About Us 

With Us the Grass is Greener

Since Justin Wride Gardens began landscape gardening on the Algarve in 1995, we have created hundreds of beautifully landscaped gardens of a variety of shapes, sizes and budgets.

Our impressive landscape gardening portfolio covers a vast range of garden designs to suit all needs using innovative irrigation systems and the latest technology.

All our staff are fully experienced in all areas of garden landscaping on the Algarve. We have professional machine operatives who excavate, level, grade and construct to create your dream garden. We are firm believers in preparation and presentation, as this is the key to any Algarve landscape gardening development.

We don't scrimp on details, especially on planting, as we take great pride in creating Algarve gardens with maximum impact that will give great pleasure for years and years to come.

We believe in constant customer liason, as plans do sometimes change and the plant list can alter to your preferences. We can advise on bougainvilleas, jasmines, podraneas and plumbagos and their colour schemes to suit your property - but obviously, you have the last word.

Don't worry if your house or plot is on a steep slope as we can build large retaining walls to create terraces with adjoining steps. Or if you have a 'postage stamp' garden, we can make the most of the space you have to give added value and prestige to your property.

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Our experienced Mediterranean landscape architects and plantsmen can design your bespoke Algarve garden


We provide a monthly service whereby your garden is correctly looked after and attention to detail is paramount.


We can install a variety of systems from a simple battery operated single valve up to multi-zoned computers.

garden reports

Get a diagnostic report on any existing Mediterranean garden problems from our team of experts

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Low Maintenance Gardens

Due to the ongoing climate changes, and declines in water reserves here on the Algarve bringing higher water bills, we offer landscape options that suit these challenging conditions.


Mediterranean Style Gardens

The predominant theme for garden design in this part of the world is, of course, the Mediterranean style garden.

Garden Options

Algarve Lawns

We can offer a range of grasses to suit your needs, from a bowling green finish, to a dog and family friendly, more robust mixture.


Dry Stone Walls and Terracing

We can construct beautiful stone walls, terracing and steps that add a real wow-factor to your garden.

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Water Features

Lakes, ponds or a trickling water feature go a long way to accentuating your garden, encouraging wildlife and enhancing your outdoor experience.

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The Natural Beauty of Wood

Pergolas, fencing and decking add the ultimate finishing touch to your beautiful Algarve garden.

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